October, 2010

Wayward Arts was born out of the hope that the graphic arts industry still has some passion. We wanted to create a home for all of the ill-conceived ideas that simply won't sell. In our industry, it's not enough for something to simply look good; it has to convey a message or maintain an image. There is nothing wrong with that, it pays our bills, it's an important cog in the economic machine. But in order for our industry to progress, we must inspire creativity. The unfortunate reality is that creativity can't thrive in a community that only rewards commercially viable art. Where do we go for inspiration? Where do  we go for release?
Welcome to Wayward Arts, a home for errant creative. It is our mandate to showcase personal works from as many artists as we can. Take us home, be inspired, contribute, inspire others.
Wayward Arts is always looking for new talent. Whether you can draw, shoot or write, we want submissions that inspire us. We'll take crayon drawings, Word documents or sophisticated Illustrator renderings. We don't care, as long as it is interesting, unique and heartfelt.
Your art should be 300dpi at 8" x 10"; please include the name and email address you want to appear as a credit and a bio of 100 words or less. >>> submissions@flashreproductions.com
Would you like your very own copy? Email Andrew at andrew@flashreproductions.com.